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A customer can get lost in the details trying to determine whether to buy vinyl, fiberglass, wood or composite windows. With American Accents it is easy to make the right business decision on which window is best for your Family. 

That’s because we bring the showroom to your house by bringing samples from four different window manufactures. Even though we carry five brands, More than 85% of the windows we install come from our two factory direct Window Replacement Companies. One is Aside which is a national company, and the other is a local manufacturer who provides a fantastic value for their window.

Because these windows are direct from the factory, the prices are substantially cheaper. And between these two companies I can cover most color and style options people use to match their homes. Ask your representative about the interior wood grain options.


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Benefits of Choosing American Accents MI

High quality options


American Accents offers vinyl, fiberglass, wood or composite windows and, now, interior wood grain options! We bring the showroom to your house by bringing samples from four different window manufacturers so that you can see exactly how it will look on your home.
Competitive pricing


Because our windows are direct from the factory, the prices are substantially cheaper. And between our manufacturers, I can cover most color and style options people use to match their homes. Remember, because our overhead is low and we are not restricted to one brand, you receive the best prices.
Structural upgrades


American Accents employs only the best installers. Our team is comprised of excellent carpenters that can enlarge windows, or cut through walls, including brick. You will love the complete and finished job.

Replacement Windows

Picking the right windows doesn’t have to be difficult, especially if you have the experienced Michigan home improvement team from American Accents guiding you through the process. Whether you’re replacing a single window lost to age, rot, or an errant baseball, putting an addition on your home, or undertaking an extensive renovation, we make it easy.

Reasons to Choose Window Replacement


As your home settles and ages, you’re likely to find that it’s not as well insulated as it once was. Homes built more recently with contractor-grade materials can also show signs of premature age. That means that your windows’ ability to keep outdoor air out and indoor air in — helping keep your home cool in the summer and warm through harsh Michigan winters — suffers. Replacing your windows can aid in your comfort year ‘round.


Windows that have aged or faded due to exposure to the sun and the elements won’t be as attractive as they are when they were first installed. Whether you’re doing a bit of remodeling in advance of selling your home or you’re planning on staying put for years to come, we can outfit your home with windows that look great and are architecturally consistent with practically any style you choose.

Noise Reduction

It’s not just the air that’s better off outdoors. Older single-pane windows, and even some double-pane models, don’t insulate against noise as well as newer ones. If you live on a busy street, or one where there are frequently neighbors gabbing and kids at play, the better noise reduction can make for a peaceful environment and a better night’s sleep.

Energy Efficiency

The insulation benefits don’t just show themselves with better air quality and quiet. The EPA’s Energy Star website estimates that you can save between $126 and $465 a year when replacing single-pane windows. Even replacing double-pane clear glass windows with a more advanced double-pane with UV-coated double-pane glass can save you $27 to $111 a year. You won’t see your windows pay for themselves in energy bill savings alone — at least not for a while — but the added money in your pocket each month is always a good thing.

Additions and Renovations

This practically goes without saying, since none of us wants to add a lightless and airless box to our homes. But if you’re remodeling, renovating, or building an addition on your home, we’re  your best bet for Home window replacement in Troy, MI.

Picking the Right Wood Window Replacement

With so many choices of styles and materials, it’s easy to get stuck in paralysis by analysis. We make it easier to make the right choice for your home and family because American Accents brings the showroom to you, giving you choices from five brands and four different window manufacturers.

A Word on Window Replacement Cost

Speaking of which, let’s address costs. Because American Accents sources direct from the factory, we’re able to get — and pass along — a substantially cheaper price while still covering the color and style options that match your home. When you speak to your representative, be sure to ask about your interior wood grain options, too.

Home Window Replacement from American Accents

We expect that you still have questions. We’ll be happy to provide answers, and ask a few questions of our own to ensure you get exactly what you need. With that in mind, we invite you to call American Accents for your replacement window ( and siding) needs today.


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