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It is our pleasure to welcome you to American Accents, the number one choice of suppliers in Clawson for state-of-art vinyl windows and siding. Regardless of whether you are interested in services such as extending your living space to the outside environment, increasing the functionality and comfort of your home or you want to change the look of your house, our variety of products and services can offer the most suitable options to suit your requirement.

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About Us

Our stone veneer and other exterior products combine style and durability to take your home to the next level. Call us today to get a free estimate on options such as vinyl windows, siding doors, composite siding, siding panels, shake siding, home windows, composite windows, and entry doors that will improve the appearance, function, and price of your home in Clawson Michigan & Royal Oak. It is time to have a home of your own dream and give you the satisfaction you always dreamed of.

Premium Siding Panels in Clawson Michigan

Add beauty to your home by using our local Siding Panels which can be used both interior and exterior. Both produced in many different styles and available in several colors and textures, the sidings are proven to be highly resistant to various types of weather along with being rather attractive and low-maintenance when it comes to insulating properties.

Highest Quality Composite Siding

Learn how our composite siding is incredibly hard wearing yet offers beauty to any home. Made from the highest quality materials our composite siding does not bend, break, or rust as real wood can and it is maintenance-free which is ideal for keeping the look and value high in Michigan’s neighborhoods.

Our Areas

Clinton Township


Madison Heights

Lathrup Village

Huntington Woods



Farmington Hill

Shelby Twp

Sterling Heights




Rochester Hills

Bloomfield Hills

Royal Oak

Amazing Shake Siding

It is our pleasure to suggest you to add the shake siding for your home and make it look rustic. If you love the appearance of natural wood but cannot withstand the time consuming and tedious maintenance, our shake siding is the right combination of strength and durability while maintaining the gorgeous weather-resistant exterior Clawson Michigan & Berkley homeowners are Looking for.

Home Windows Structure in Clawson Michigan

You don’t have to look further in search for high-quality vinyl windows to install in your home as we have you covered. Our range of windows is admired for its durability, energy efficiency, and flexibility as to the architectural preferences, be it classical or high-tech. The windows will bring a useful upgrade and the visual bonus to your home.

Elegant Composite Windows

Discover our composite windows which combine the highest performance of the technology with elegant shape. Through integrating the aspects of different materials, our composite windows offer multiple benefits including increased insulation, durability, and lower need for maintenance making them the ultimate choice for customers who are searching for the most appropriate windows.

Book an Appointment for vinyl window siding!

Contact us for more information so that you can have premium siding at your disposal! So that you can have amazing and durable vinyl window siding!

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