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American Accents, the specialist in brand new vinyl widow as well as siding products for Farmington Hills residences. Regardless of whether you need maintenance for exterior beauty, or upgrades on your home’s outside façade to increase the efficiency of your home’s insulation,american accents has the perfect products for you.

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About Us

Give your home exterior a lift by using American Accents’ premium products and services. Contact us for a free consultation to learn how our vinyl windows, siding, doors, composite siding, siding panels, shake siding, home windows, composite windows, and entry doors can improve the appearance, performance, and resale value of your Cedar Springs home today! Let us assist you bring into reality the dream home that you want to live in several years from now.

Practical Siding Panels in Farmington Hill

Although the Siding Panel homes have been built for a number of years now, the homeowners can now find them easily. Transform the look of your home and protect it from harsh weather and pests with our durable siding panels. Featuring a range of practical and aesthetic colours, our siding panels come in different styles and textures and in addition to offering practical defence against Farmington Hills weather, our sidings also provide the best insulating feature and relatively low maintenance.

Innovative Composite Siding

Although most homeowners are aware of the benefits of composite siding, they may not be familiar with the material itself, or even know that it is available in their area, such as Farmington & Bloomfield Hills. Our composite siding option will help you to give your house the beautiful and sturdy silhouette it deserves. Manufactured from a combination of superior quality materials, our composite siding gives way to twisting, fracturing or rotting, making them highly desirable for any homeowner, within this region in particular, searching for a lasting, virtually maintenance-free siding solution to their home exterior.

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Durable Shake Siding Panels

Make a style statement for your home by going for the shake siding from us. Suitable for those who prefer to use wooden designs but which usually requires a lot of maintenance, the shake siding is the perfect alternative because it offers the look and the texture of wood but also durability and weather resistance; thus, it is the ideal choice for most Farmington Hills homes.

Comfortable Home Window Structure in Farmington Hills

For the best in style, function and comfort our range of premium vinyl windows will transform your home. Built to be sturdy, sustainable, and easy on the eye, our window solutions can dress up any façade, paying homage to the home’s architecture while making it more energy efficient.

Best Composite Windows

Imagine how our wide range of composite windows provides an incredible experience. Our composite windows are designed using the best characteristics of different materials, provide efficient thermal insulation, and durability, are rather easy to maintain, and therefore are worth being considered as the best option for those who live in Farmington Hills. When it comes to windows, nobody wants to spend their hard-earned money on a subpar product that will not even last its warranty period, let alone provide sufficient security to families and businesses that reside in those buildings.

Contact us for reliable vinyl window siding!

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