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We welcome the residents and clients of Lathrup Village to visit American Accents and get ready to order the best of the brand of vinyl windows and siding. When it comes to extending your exterior living spaces, enhancing the aesthetics and energy efficiency of your home, our range of products and solutions provides an extensive array of services to complement your goals.

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About Us

Let American Accents exterior products and services make your current environment bright, tasteful and comfortable. Call us now and let our team set up for you a free consultation to know how our vinyl windows, doors, siding, vinyl siding panels, shake siding, home and composite windows, and entry doors can beautify the exteriors, and upgrade the efficiency of your home. We can work together to make the necessary adjustments and transform the home of your dreams into reality today.

Sturdy Vinyl Siding Panels in Lathrup Village

Look no further for a durable and aesthetically charming solution to maximising the curb appeal of your home – our siding panels can be used in a variety of styles. We offer our customers various styles, colours and textures of our siding panels which are designed to withstand the climatic conditions in Lathrup Village, backed with a strong warranty on our products and services, our siding panels provide excellent insulation to your house and require little to no further attention.

Reliable Composite Siding

Find out why composite siding is the right thing for your house: our products are both stylish and tough. Crafted from state of the art materials, our composite siding provides the following benefits: It is less likely to warp, crack or rot easily unlike wood sidings. It is the best option for the residents of the Lathrup Village & Rochester Hills who want to create spacious porches with little to no maintenance and still look good.

Our Areas

Clinton Township


Madison Heights

Lathrup Village

Huntington Woods



Farmington Hill

Shelby Twp

Sterling Heights




Rochester Hills

Bloomfield Hills

Royal Oak

Cost Effective Shake Siding

Allow your home to embody the raw and natural qualities of the Sierra with our shake siding. Ideal for homeowners who enjoy the look of traditional wooden shakes but do not want the added burden of frequent maintenance and potential damage from weather elements, our shakes offer great strength and protection combined with the aesthetic beauty of the natural material to complement any home.

House Windows Structure in Lathrup Village

Call us today for custom vinyl window products that will transform your home’s comfort and design. Our windows are characterised by strength, energy conservation and versatility of design, so they can successfully complement any design of the house’s facade, both in terms of traditional and used minimalist framing.

Installing Composite Windows

Our windows are designed for composite material to help you enjoy products with exceptional performance. As a result of merging the positive qualities of different materials, our composite windows provide great insulation and high resistance to the weather while requiring minimal effort to maintain and can be considered a sound investment.

Contact us for reliable vinyl window siding!

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