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Here at American Accents, we serve as Clinton Township’s go-to choice for durable, affordable vinyl windows and siding. When it comes to the exterior of your homes, be it for upgrading, remodelling, improving on the energy efficiency or even for the exterior appeal, or for any reason at all, then we got you covered with our services.

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About Us

Transform your house’s exterior today with the help of American Accents and our high-end vinyl siding and window. Please call us today to set up for your free consultation as to how we could be privileged to offer premium quality siding to breathe new aestheticism to your home. Come and let us work together for your dream home that will give you pride for several years to come.

Professional Siding panels in Clinton Township

Upgrade the exterior of your home with our top-notch siding panels. With its wide range of striking styles, colours, and textures, our siding panels for Clinton Twp Shelby Twp homes offer the perfect solution to protect your home from various harsh weather conditions, to provide excellent thermal insulation and to be extremely easy to clean.

Quality Composite Siding

Using multiple products, our composite siding integrates the advantages of dissimilar materials to ensure improved endurance and attractiveness. Crafted from building durable materials that are resistant to warping, cracking, and rotting, our composite siding offers a great solution for any homeowner in search of an exterior upgrade that would require minimal maintenance throughout the years.

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Traditional Shake siding in Clinton Township

If you are a lover of the traditional style which in some way has an analog to the country style then the shake siding is what you will like most. Table of basic specifications To lend curb appeal and enhance the ambience of any homestead, our shake siding is out of this world. The shake siding comes in natural wood look, but does not require the traditional maintenance rituals. It is a long-lasting material that is also weather-resistant and can be a perfect solution for further strengthening housing that wants to be unique.

Window Structure in Clinton

Complete your home transformations with single or multi replacements with quality vinyl windows. Let me tell you just a few benefits of windows that we offer our customers – they are extremely durable, energy-efficient, and can be made in various design options that complement your home in the best manner. Choosing between single hung, upvc sliding, double hung, timber, Victorian, casement and more!

Trustworthy Home Window Structure

Stop by today to see why we are Clinton Township & Southfield’s top choice for both vinyl windows and siding, which are both affordable and of great quality. They include, but not limited to; for purposes of home renovation, enhancing the exterior of your homes by painting new siding, to promote energy conservation in your home among other reasons that you may wish to paint your homes exterior.

Composite Windows in Clinton Township

Here you will find solid recommendations on what our premium siding doors can do for your home, both in terms of aesthetics and functionality. Our siding doors are useful, looking at their form and function; they provide direct access to the patio or your garden and has options for wider shades that will allow more natural light into your home while being energy efficient.

Professional Composite siding

Incorporating variation of different materials which is the idea behind our composite siding guarantees the end product’s enhanced sturdiness and aesthetics. Built out of non–wrapping, non-cracking, and rote-proof materials that are used in constructional practices, our composite siding is the perfect fit for every homeowner who is in dire need of exterior facelift that would need little to no maintenance over the course of years.

Contact us for professional and reliable vinyl window siding!

Call us at our local number for more information today, so that you can also have premuim professional siding today!

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