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We are serving Troy NY and beyond, we are confident that our product offers superior quality Vinyl windows and siding to any of our competitors. Regardless of whether you are in the process of enhancing the exterior appearance of your house or working on energy efficiency improvements, or even if you want to increase your home’s curb appeal, our comprehensive portfolio of products as well as services will allow you to find the optimal, cost-effective, and at the same time – high-quality solution for the project you are considering.

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Contact Form Demo (#3)

About Us

Renovate the exterior of your home with the best, cheap home products and services that American Accents offers. Visit us for a free and complimentary quote to know how our vinyl Windows, siding, composite siding and siding panels, shake siding, home and composite windows, entry doors can positively impact the beauty, functionality and boosting the value of your home in Berkley. To achieve this we need to bring out the beauty of your home creating a unique outlook by the help of modern interior designs while making sure you do not break the bank in the process.

Exceptional Siding Panels in Troy Michigan

Discover how our Singuloid™ Siding Panels can help to improve the appearance of your house. With many of them developed to accommodate different styles, colors, and texture options, these siding panels were built specifically to tackle this place’s varying climate and offer exceptional insulation together with very low maintenance. In addition to this, our siding panels feature not only elegance but also cost-effectiveness that enables you to get that perfect look of your dream at a friendly price.

Affordable Composite Siding

Enjoy the durability and affordability of our composite siding siding alongside the beauty and versatility of traditional wood. Made from a combination of materials, our composite siding does not buckle, break, or decay, which means that Troy Michigan & Shelby twp homeowners will save time due to the minimal maintenance required on the material, and money since it lasts for an extended period.

Our Areas

Clinton Township


Madison Heights

Lathrup Village

Huntington Woods



Farmington Hill

Shelby Twp

Sterling Heights




Rochester Hills

Bloomfield Hills

Royal Oak

Classic Shake Siding

With shake siding products, impart classic looks and enhance the architectural appeal of your home. If you like the idea of natural wood look without the hassle of maintaining the wood, this shake siding by continental is perfect for you, it has exceptionally great endurance and withstanding ability to weather. Furthermore, our shake siding will help create the distinguished and stylish look you desire at a low cost.

Residential Home Windows’ Structure in Troy Michigan

Get more comfort and beauty into your home spaces with perfect vinyl windows for home improvements. Our windows are sturdy and efficient, and can be installed to blend with any style – Beaux Art, Postmodernism, or even Neo-Medievalism. Through this company, you get high quality windows, Complementing your home decor and all at an affordable price range.

Comfortable Composite Windows

Enjoy the enhanced comfort and stylish outlook of our composite windows. These windows’ features include good heat and sound insulating properties, extra strength, and their need for little repairs or maintenance. Competitive pricing allows affordable home window improvement, and that is why people of Troy Michigan & Clinton Twp can get their windows upgraded.

Premium vinyl window siding at your Disposal!

Contact us for more information so that you can have premium siding at your disposal! So that you can have amazing and durable vinyl window siding!

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