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With the rapidly changing world, the need to have quality windows and sidings such as vinyl windows cannot be overstated, and this is why we are proud to present to you American Accents; a Shelby Twp based company dealing exclusively in high quality vinyl windows and sidings. Whether you’re interested in upgrading the look of the outside of your home, making some improvements which will allow for better insulation and therefore reduced energy consumption, or increasing the attractiveness of your home from the outside there is no need to look any further as our extensive selections of products and services provide perfect options for your case.

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About Us

Upgrade your home by utilising the services of the exceptional home improvement products and services by American Accents. To schedule a free consultation with us, kindly get in touch with us and allow us to give you an insight on how you can improve your home in Shelby Twp through our vinyl windows, siding doors, composite siding, siding panels, shake siding, home windows, composite windows, and entry doors. We would like to be your building partner in making your dream home come to life in the coming years.

Wide Range of Siding Panels in Shelby Township.

Choose from our wide range of powerful siding panels to make your home stand out. Our local siding panels come in different styles, colours, and textures, which makes it easier for us to meet the needs of the residents by providing an ideal material for siding that can easily adapt to the harsh weather and still provide energy efficiency and ease of maintenance to clients who seek to have beautiful homes that do not require everyone to break the bank to maintain.

High Quality Composite Siding

Make the most of high quality, low maintenance with our stylish composite siding solution. Made from a blend of different materials, our composite siding hardly bends, breaks, or develops mould – features that make it the perfect non-existent maintenance product for any homeowner in Shelby Township & Troy who wishes to enhance the look of his or her house while increasing its durability.

Our Areas

Clinton Township


Madison Heights

Lathrup Village

Huntington Woods



Farmington Hill

Shelby Twp

Sterling Heights




Rochester Hills

Bloomfield Hills

Royal Oak

Traditional Shake siding

Our shake siding will give your home an old-fashioned feel yet add more beauty to it. Ideal for homeowners who admire the look of wood grains but do not have time and money for regular refinishing, our shake siding is more resistant to weather and comes in a more varied range of colours than traditionally stained lumber, making it a great investment for any house.

Modern Home Windows structure in Shelby Twp.

Discover for yourself why people prefer our Michigan vinyl windows for the look, comfort, and value of their homes. Some advantages are such: our windows are extremely durable, energy efficient, and versatile when it comes to the look, so they will suit any architectural style – be it a historic or a modern one – and make your home not only visually better but also more comfortable.

Exceptional composite windows

Get a view of the exceptional performance of composite windows. Organised in a way that simply categorises the various products, our composite windows are among the best in the market with regard to insulation, durability, and low maintenance costs and are, therefore, appropriate for Shelby Twp & Clinton Twp residents.

Schedule an Appointment for vinyl window siding in Shelby Township!

Contact us for more information so that you can have premium siding at your disposal! So that you can have amazing and durable vinyl window siding!

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