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This is American Accents, Bloomfield Hills, MI leading retailer of Vinyl Windows and Siding.. If you are interested in updating the cottage’s exterior appearance; or updating its utility; or improving its appearance from the street, our large range of products and services assures you affordable, good quality work appropriate to your requirements.

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About Us

Transform your homes, fence, decking, patio and pathways with American Accents’ high-quality and fairly priced services. Call us today for your no obligation consultation and let us demonstrate to you about how our vinyl windows, siding doors can make a world of difference to the exterior aesthetics, energy efficiency, and resale value of your home located in Bloomfield Hills & Rochester Hills. Let us assist you to design a beautiful home that will make you happy when you see it and for a long time without much stress or pressure in your pocket.

Innovative Siding Panels in Bloomfield Hills

Our siding panels can cover any architectural style and come in an impressive array of classic and modern looks. Siding our building with our panels is an excellent decision since our panels are available in a variety of styles, colours, and textures; moreover, they are durable and highly resistant to varying weather conditions in Bloomfield Hills including insulation and ease in terms of maintenance. Once you install our siding panels you will get value for your money apart from that your home will have a beautiful outlook.

Best Composite Siding

Learn the reasons our composite siding products are the best for homeowners who seek both durability and beauty by contacting our local siding contractors. Using advanced technology and superior-grade materials, our composite siding does not bend, split, or deteriorate; thus making it a popular solution that saves you a lot more than money in terms of maintenance if you are a homeowner in Bloomfield Hills Farmington Hills who desires a home that looks good while standing strong for many years to come.

Our Areas

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Rochester Hills

Bloomfield Hills

Royal Oak

Low Maintenance Shake siding

This shake siding will transfer the rustic feel of a natural, destroyed wood to the exterior of your home. For customers who prefer a natural wood finish look into our shake siding that has a low maintenance finish yet offers long-lasting, weather resistance finish. In addition, shake siding utilises kinds of prices thus making it easier to give your home a perfect outlook that does not fade with time.

Purpose of Home Windows Structure in Bloomfield Hills

Our vinyl collection of top-quality replacement windows for added comfort and beauty to your living space. It is used because of its durability, energy-efficiency, and versatility in all architectural classifications: from the classical ones to the modern ones. Indeed, with American Accents, you enjoy the best value proprietary windows at the most affordable costs.

Flexible Composite windows

Boasting a slender aluminium frame and superior glass glazing, discover our state-of-the-art composite windows. With the best properties of different composites used in the production of our windows, these windows offer great insulation, high quality, and durability, in addition to being easy to maintain. Our types of prices assure you that you can improve the quality of windows in your home without breaching your budget.

Best vinyl window siding at your Disposal!

Contact us for more information so that you can have premium siding at your disposal! So that you can have amazing and durable vinyl window siding!

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